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AdministrationUsing technology to improve administrative tasks

Interactive Workshop Flyer

It can be difficult to attract academic staff to professional development workshops. This is a prototype flyer which includes a promotional video. The Register button links to a Qualtrics registration page which asks for name and (optionally) asks the participants about what they already know and what they would like to know so that the workshop can be more tailored to their needs.

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Searchable FAQ

As Head of Program for over 850 students across multiple campuses, I needed a way to deal with the large number of enquiries. This searchable FAQ helped to significantly decrease my workload and increased convenience for students. Providing tools which save academics administrative time is also a good way to encourage their use of technology in teaching.

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Project Selection Brochure

A prototype Project Selection Brochure developed very quickly using the rapid prototyping tool Adobe Experience Design.

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This online tutorial gives a guide to communicating professionally when using technology (7 min 21 sec)

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